A crew of extraordinarily determined Onondaga residents spent all day Saturday, April 30 cleaning up the river bank in front of the hall. They hauled tires, a rusty water heater, pipes, broken toilets, old fencing, assorted garbage and even an old hockey net up a steep cliff. Imagine how horrible all that trash looked from the river!

This effort certainly benefits the view from the river boat tours of our beautiful hall as a heritage landmark.  People who canoe and boat along the river will enjoy an improved view of Onondaga. The removal of all that garbage is a significant benefit to the hall property and the village.

There is still more trash waiting to be removed. If you would like to volunteer to join your neighbours in cleaning our landscape, please contact us.   Kindly do what you can to discourage others from illegal dumping.

Thanks again to all those who worked so hard to beautify Onondaga!