A note from our Councillor, Joan Gatward, says it all:

“I wanted to thank you for all your hard work on the Event last night.  It was a great family event with great food, family’s visiting, and tons of community spirit.  I know how hard you and the Committee worked to put it all together.  The buffet was very well organized and delicious and the contests for the pumpkins and tarts added some fun.  The Band was great!  The rewards of the night will shine bright in your memory for years to come.  Onondaga is truly Grand!”

We were amazed that the tickets for our Grand Opening Event sold out in only 8 days; we obviously have enthusiastic community support! We even had to order a bigger pig than originally planned!

We had a great time feasting on a delicious meal of applewood smoked pork, side dishes, pies, and butter tarts. The pig was prepared by Gourmet Meats of Mount Hope.

Many thanks to our volunteers who worked hard to decorate the hall for the event! We also thank The Macleans, a 3-piece band, for filling our hall with energetic music for the evening!

We had two competitions for the evening: a Buttertart challenge and Jack-O-Lantern challenge. And the winners are…

  • Nikki McColeman earned the People’s Choice 1st Place prize rosette for Best Buttertart.
  • Cali McColeman won the Best Youth Jack-O-Lantern. Her prize was a ribbon and $25.00 gift certificate to Toys R Us. Emerson Freeborn won 2nd and Zachary McColeman won 3rd for their Jack-O-Lanterns.
  • First Place Jack-O-Lantern in the Adult category was won by Leslie Samson.