Onondaga on the Grand - Brantford Ontario

Welcome to Onondaga, a tranquil hamlet on the Grand River in Ontario, Canada. We enjoy life in a peaceful rural community situated among abundant farmlands, forests and the magnificent Grand River.

Month: May 2016

Onondaga History


On Sunday, May 15, long time resident, Ray Simpson, was our guest speaker for a special event to celebrate Onondaga History. He had some wonderful stories to tell about the early days in our community.

Did you know that there used to be a whiskey distillery here? And hotels? Onondaga pine trees were shipped all the way to Britain. During years of war rationing, local maple syrup was a treasured source of sugar.

This free event was well attended. Cake and coffee was served. Memories were shared.  Many thanks to both Ray Simpson and Ruth Lefler for opening a window to Onondaga’s past!


Painting Class

This spring, painting classes were hosted at the Onondaga Hall.

Landscape Painting Class produced beautiful works by budding local artists.  Everyone worked from their own images and in their own styles.