Why Join?

The best way to inform the community of community events is through a community newsletter.   Receiving a newsletter is the easiest way to learn what is going on in Onondaga.

Stuffing roadside mailboxes is expensive, time-consuming and the notices can be overlooked as junk.  We have a well-attended Facebook page, but we realize that not everyone is on Facebook.  An electronic newsletter is immediate, free and delivered to your inbox.

We have some great events and programs planned.  We hope you will attend, have fun and make more friends in Onondaga!

Please, join us.  Connect to your community.  It’s easy.  It costs nothing.   Our email list will not be shared with others, and you will not receive an over-abundance of emails!

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Who can join the Onondaga on the Grand Community?

There are roughly 2,000 people living in the former Onondaga Township.  We want as many of them as possible to be connected to others in their community!   Our objective is to connect hundreds of households.

Folks from other areas of Brant County, Brantford and beyond are also most welcome!  We are happy to show off the beauty of Onondaga by inviting everyone to our events.